Hiatus Over, I Hope

I am back, at least for now. Financial issues due to spending some time unemployed forced me off line for several months. I have managed to find a job, get caught up on rent, even get my internet service turned back on. Wasn’t easy, but with patience and planning it was done. I hope to restart posting my ponderings on a weekly basis again. First though I would like to rant a little, of course who doesn’t.

Looking for work, can be a full time job in and of its self. If you are serious about finding a job you will apply everywhere you can think of, even if that means flipping burgers or at a department store. All too often I see people wine and cry that they can not find a job, how they have no money to pay the mortgage. You hear “horror” stories about people sending out hundreds of applications over a years time but still no job. Are they really looking? Oh but “I am a…..” fill in the blank, electrician, accountant, etc. When you are out of work and needing money, anything will do. Even if you get a lower paying job, you will at least have something to work with.

Just because you were hired at the local burger joint does not mean you stop looking for a job in your profession. I have easily left one place to start work at another because it either paid more or was more in line with my training and experience. In the mean time I paid rent, utilities, had $30-$40 left over for food for the month. I have had to let some bills go such as credit card payments, but I was able to pay my expenses. Once caught up I was able to pay back my loans. This can take some time, but I didn’t wind up homeless.

I will write more on my thoughts about that at a later date. For now I wish to get on to the point of this rant. In the “good ol’ days” you used to be able to just go to a local store, I will use Petsmart as my example. (Yes it is one of the places I applied, I have pets and was hoping for a discount if hired). You walked in ask for an application, filled it out, marking “ANY” as position desired. After all one can stock the shelves, unload the truck, help customers, or even run the cash register. I have done all of these in the past. Now the first thing they tell you is that you have to apply online. OK no internet at home, So you go to the Library to use a computer there to put in applications. Only problem is there is a time limit on how long you can use the computer.

Different libraries in other areas will have different policies, but I imagine the principal is similar. At my library you get 45 minutes once a day to use the computers. My local one does host job fairs on Fridays where you can get help creating resumes also help filling out online applications. There are still a lot of individuals that are not that familiar using computers or going on line. That makes this policy of no paper applications, disadvantageous to many. Almost a way of excluding them from the hiring process. OK so I can do that, minor obstetrical overcome. I have a computer and a flash drive at home, I can put my resume on. I also have a note book with important information I might need in order to fill out an application. Time to hit the library.

So I am at the library, I have the web site for Petsmart open, went to the section marked careers, did a search, now I have a list of positions open. Wait what, a list, OK OK I can pick a couple and continue on, right. NO. I can only pick one store in my area in addition can only pick one position, early morning stocker, retail assistant, cashier, etc. Oh it does let me create an account to save my information, all right done. I uploaded my resume, of course it does not show up in the proper boxes with the correct information. Why have you upload it if they do not take it whole? So time spent copying pasting, deleting rearranging to get it filled out. Also typed in Name, Address, Phone, etc.

OK finally set to apply to the one position only. I go through and mark out which job I want, next is a 30 page 30 question psych evaluation. One question per page, 30 seconds or longer for each to load, this is starting to get ridiculous. Then questions like “A customer has brought back a product asking for a refund do you…. A) give store credit B) inform them exchanges only C) give them their money back D) tell them to go away they are bothering you.” How the hell would I know? I am not working there yet. What are the store policies? Did I guess them right? So I pick A store credit for anything in the store. Yes, as anyone that has gone through this process knows that is a fair example of some of the questions you will be asked

Another one “Your co-worker is slacking what do you do?” choices; tell them off, report to the boss, cover up by doing their work as well as yours. Now I understand this is to get some idea of what type of an employee you would make. Some of the questions even make sense, if you stop to think about it. So finally you get through all of the questions have finished the process for the retail support (floor walker helping customers out). You are feeling pretty good the time estimate they gave you was 25 minutes to fill everything out and you finished in under 18.

Now you are ready to pick the next position figuring it will go easier, you know what to expect right? WRONG. Here you are thinking you still have around 25 minutes left to use the computer plenty of time to apply for the other 3 or 4 positions you would qualify for. So you pick the next one cashier and click apply, you get asked to log in. Once logged on you see your name and work history is there, good. Click next “Please answer some questions this will only take about 25 minutes” What the fuck!! OK so maybe you will click next and find out it is done. Nope.

So you start to rush to finish on time, remember you only have 45 minutes on the computer. You get to the question about returns “did I pick A or did I pick C” this time you pick C. So is this a test of consistency? Last time was it “almost never” or was it “never”. If you make a change does that show that you are lying so they will not hire you now? You get down to the final 2 questions and…. the computer beeps message “Times up” and logs you out.

So lets see what have you accomplished today? You have wasted some of what little precious gas you have, you managed to apply for a grand total of one, repeat one job. Wow busy day wasn’t it? There in lies my beef if they can manage to keep your personal information on file, then why in Fucking Hell can’t they remember what answers you gave to the questions. Me I was fortunate I was able to do this process either at home or some where I had no time limits on the computer. Some places did not require all that, and some let you choose more than one position to apply for at a time. The bad part is that there are far to many sites like that out there.

After going through 2 sites like that I would only go to ones that were less time consuming to fill out applications, Then when I finished them I went back to spend the extra time. I wanted to put in for as many jobs as I could at one sitting. That is my rant where is the “ANY” option if I can unload the truck I can stock the shelves. It also seems some what discriminatory, to those with certain disabilities, or lacking resources. I am aware that some places have a computer in store that can be used to fill out applications, I used them at several places. Such as at Lowe’s.

Well that is my rant the application process at many places sucks. But it is what it is I guess. If you work at it and are serious you can find work. Just seems there should be a better way. I am working, not at my desired job but it pays the bills while I keep looking. I have gotten caught up, was able to get internet back. So now I can get serious about finding another job. In the meantime I will have a place to stay with bills paid.

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Purpose of This Blog


Actually there are several, to create a discussion, an open exchange of ideas, to cause people to stop and think about the subjects, and ideas I write about. To help me gather my thoughts, share my view point and opinions. To gather feedback by seeing how others view subject at hand., maybe help me better understand something. Using that knowledge and information to help shape my opinion.

Mostly though it is to help me to be better at communicating my thoughts and ideas to others, through practice. To help me focus on what I really want to say, learning the best way to state it. Also to practice my writing skills.

Part of the problem is trying to keep it short, concise, to the point. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” Sometimes my thoughts on a subject will pop into my mind just hearing a few words. Like that picture a vast array of thoughts will arrive, coming from past experiences, incidences, teachings, with my upbringing shaping my opinion. In writing each post I do not want to be writing a novel, nor do I want to be so brief as to miss a point, not being able to get the whole concept across.

Like my last post I had so much to try to express on the idea. Sometimes I feel I that I compress half thoughts together as one. Causing confusion as to what I am really trying to say. All by just trying to be brief. I write each blog using Open Office (to help with the spelling) and try not to go much over one page. It can be hard to at times, with much rewriting involved. Other times it seems I can get sidetracked illustrating a portion of my thoughts, while trying to get the entire concept across.

Clarification with understanding of things does not come in two seconds, then again it should not take years of contemplation for most things. There are always exceptions with some ideas it never happens, but ones thoughts and opinions should start forming early on. These will change over the course of ones life as different experiences happen over time.

Same happens when talking with others. Nowadays most of us have very very short attention spans. It is hard to express some thoughts in 10 words or less. It is not just the younger ones that are like this. Seems no one wants to be bother with thinking anything out or to have a conversation. Everyone just wants a short blurb, a tweet (at 140 charters) is to long for most. Sometimes it seems that when I have a conversation with someone I get whiplash. Thirty subjects in two minutes, bouncing all over the place.

I feel that this leads to many of the misunderstandings that we experience. People dislike others because they formed an immediate impression of them. Not taking the time to fully understand where the other person was coming from. They “misjudge” the other person, usually this is the same person whom when you express an opinion will emphatically state “I don’t judge …”. Fill in the blank “others” “actions” “situations” “make judgments” so on. Everyone makes judgments, weather is it to avoid certain people, not to do certain activities or deciding some foods as being bad for them.

Normally through any given week, either experiencing or overhearing these encounters will stimulate my mind causing me to contemplate on what I just heard. Or it might be unfinished thoughts on a conversation that I had just had. Thinking it over later on how I could have better expressed my self. Usually I spend a lot of time in deep thought, and I am prone to over thinking thinks if I am not careful. Each week two or three subjects come up that I will spend some time on, turning over the pros and cons.

Lately this has not been happening, I don’t know if this is what they call “writers block” or not. Maybe I just feel unnecessary pressure at having to come up with something each week, due to having started this blog. It makes it hard to just sit down and come up with something, having to search my memory, not having a fresh experience to write about. I sit down, my mind goes blank, making me not feel like writing.

I need to discipline my self on this, after all the main purpose is self improvement. To become a more proficient orator, attentive listener, and to expand my thought process. I guess I just need to relax more, letting it happen instead of trying to force the issue. So this time sorry nothing profound just a bit of filler to keep me in the habit of writing.

Finally a shameless plug for my Zazzle site, click the link, look around, buy something. All the profits go to a worthy cause.

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Meaning of Words

A grouping of words tool draws sharp dot. Me once again lettered purpose confusion, same same cruel letter groups. Loss same normal purpose comprehension is group of letters tool done talking not happen. Follows after gibbly gook only hides all. Once a sailor, cow on moon, prestige lost satellite.

What you are not intelligent enough to understand the above paragraph? It is written entirely using words from the English language, the one I write in because it is the only one I know. The same as if some one else is writing in French or Spanish using their native language. You should be able to understand it after the meaning is plain and clear, or is it.

Words have meanings with commonly understood definitions, with out this communication would not be possible. Over time there are some changes to how we use certain words, this is a given as time changes most all things. But if everyone suddenly decided they did not like a word instead deciding to use something different then we would all be speaking a different language. With no communication all would be chaos. Stop for a minute to really think about what that means. No crops would be grown, harvested or delivered to the store. Mass starvation, no cars made no homes built, worse yet no help or medical aid given. All of us would be alone in a world of madness.

What brought all this on? Yes I am taking the issue to the extreme, to help illustrate my point. While surfing the web I came across this article. It is all about a woman who is offended by the use of a certain word. She wants everyone to stop using it. There is a group of activists trying to stamp out its use on Twitter. There is another group out to “spread the word” this word is bad.

What is this foul word you ask? If you clicked on the above links you already know, for the rest of you it is retard. I have 2 dictionaries one copyrighted 1945 (school version for desktop use) the other 1996 the big Webster’s Unabridged version. The both define retard as “to make slow or to cause a slowing down”. Retarded is “characterized by retardation” Retardation “Slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness” To compare someone as to displaying these qualities is a valid use of the word.

I remember in taking a high school psychology course my surprise when I found out such words as “moron”, “idiot” along with other similar words and derivatives had valid medical meaning. Originating from their use among the medical community. Using them would be similar to using vagina and penis instead of the more popular slang words. Referring to something as a phallus symbol is not the same as calling it a prick or cock, even if it is not a penis. I could pick many examples for my point here this was used for shock value, to get your attention. I am not saying retard is the same as penis, for you closed minded people that do not understand an allusion or analogy. Many others could have been drawn upon to be used here.

All this was tried before with little success. A re-tard became hand-die-caped then there was dis-abled before becoming men-till-lee challlllenged. As you can see in the previous sentence each new word easily became a derogatory term just by the way it was pronounced. For those trying to change there is no way to win. The real problem does not lay with the word, it is a perfectly valid term. It lays with the ones that misuse it. The narrow closed minded people trying to eliminate the word need to realize this. There is no shame in having a child that is retarded, I just pity the ones that act retarded (lacking mental awareness). There is nothing to be proud about in acting stupid, it is only a loss for them. They are so misguided that there is nothing left but to feel pity for such unfortunates.

I feel we all need to struggle against idiocy, not just those who like the ones mentioned in this article that misuse the word retard among other such stupidity. Also against those that are trying to stop the use of the word. This can take on many forms, this is just one case in point, as others arise to my mind most likely I will also blog about them. Now below is a reprint, rewriting, rewording, original of my first paragraph that I wrote. This is how I first wrote it before I got “mad and decided I did not like” some of the words in it and tried to “stop them from being used.” As you will see the first paragraph and last one can have vastly different meanings depending upon on how they are worded.

This paragraph is used to illustrate my point. I have rewritten it to be misunderstood, by using similar meaning words. Without a common usage or understanding of meaning to the words used then communication would become imposable. The next line is gibberish just to obscure matters. Once a sailor, cow on moon, prestige lost satellite.

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Letting Go


Well first a quick update on what has been happening recently. I just started a new job, which caused me to readjust my routine three times in the last month. Gone from being unemployed, to early mornings for training, then on to a late afternoon schedule. My shift will change again in the next couple of weeks as we expand our hours to 18 a day. During all of these changes I have gotten sick with a high fever (103-104), missed a couple of days at work already. My computer went down and I had to wait until I got paid before I could get it repaired. The few days I have had off, I have been resting trying to get adjusted to the changes. So as you can see the past month has been a busy one for me. I plan to get back into rhythm, with once or twice weekly posts, once everything settles down. I wanted to write a post for Presidents Day, maybe next year.

I have found that like most of us, over time I have collected lots of stuff. Everyone has stuff, some of us more than others. It can be hard letting go of it, after all it is OUR stuff (most of it just junk). At an early age I like to read so I started collecting books, wanting a private library. Hundreds of them in fact, possibly over a thousand of them. Moving around frequently, I have hauled them from place to place, state to state. For years they have sat in boxes, occasionally I would go through pull one or two out to read. Mostly they stayed packed away. Some I have read several times, most others have never been opened by me.

Finally I have come to the realization that if after 10 or more years I have not read a book I probably never will. I kept some out that I really wanted to read along with a few favorites or reference books that I want to keep. The rest I have gotten rid of either by giving them away or selling them. Now when I want to read something I have to grab something new to read. It has helped me to get to the ones I wanted to read for a while.

The last couple of years I have learned to get rid of a lot of things. Clothes I will never be able to fit into again, nick nacks, souvenirs and mementos. Even things I kept thinking I would repair or projects I wanted to finish. I have found that I had too much clutter in my life, feeling much better and freer with all of it gone. I still have a long ways to go, some items are harder to get rid of than others.

Which brings me to the point of this post, that which prompted me to write upon this subject. I just recently sold my piano on ebay (being unemployed for several months I needed the money). An older gentleman from the next state over came by yesterday to pick it up. This was especially hard to part with for many reasons. You see it used to belong to my step-father, it was one of the few things I had of his to remember him by. He passed away in 1997, and I only have a couple of photos of him. It embodied him so well, his likes for music, instruments and gadgets. It was a player piano that did not use rolls but used cassette tapes instead. You could record your own music. Play what ever you want, it would pull the keys down when played back. One of the first of its kind.

Growing up at home I barely got along with the man, he married my mother when I was 11. Later on as a young adult I got along with him better than I did with my own mother. Over time I grew to respect him more, realizing the life’s lessons that I had learned from him. The values he help to instill in me. In the years after his death it caused a few family fights as it was to be mine but my sister wanted it. None of the rest of the family like the man, she just wanted it because it was something nice to have. He was MY step-father, not theirs, as I was the only still living at home when he married mom. So they never got to know him, or appreciate the man like I did. The thing was I had never lived anywhere that I had room for it, she did. I had always said she could keep it until I got a place, thinking that I probably never would own a home.

My sister died in December of 1999. The following year when my mother moved she gave it to me. I had it picked up and put into storage, with in 4 months I rented a house so finally I had a place for it. Over the years it was not used, no one played it, even though we had 100 prerecorded tapes with it. So it needed tuned, some repairs to the legs, the player part probably no longer functions. I always wanted to get it up and running again, also wanted to get the crack in the leg fixed. The plan was that if I didn’t keep it, I wanted to give it to some small church, a school, or kids program. I wanted to do this out of memory of my step-father, to see it put to good use somewhere. I have no one to pass it onto when I die, and did not want it to get trashed when I go.

I have many items that should be passed on to future generations. Family heirlooms or items that are part of history. While I was born in 1963, my parents were older when they had me. My father was born in 1904, mother in 1923, step-father in 1918. Just 2 generations to span a century. My mother like me had her mothers violin which she wanted to have repaired. When she moved out from living with my other sister she left it behind. It will most likely get thrown into the trash when she moves, if not already.

I would really like to save some of this history somehow. Again I have no heirs to pass it on to. None of my great nieces or nephews have any interest in any of it. My step-father came from a small town in Colorado so I will most likely send his HS diploma and discharge paper work to the local historical society there. Similar with the other documents I have. My fathers wallet will get buried with me. I have some old cookbooks published by a newspaper in the town my mother grew up in, a small town in Kansas. I plan on sending them to the local museum there. As for the rest of the items I guess I will just have to learn to let go. They are of no interest to anyone so will either sell, like the piano or toss into the trash. It is a shame really, but after a person is gone what is the use of holding on to their stuff. Keep the memories as that is what is really important. As to the rest, learn to let it go.

Once again check out my store on Zazzle I will have some new items going up soon.

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Environmental Safety or Hazard

So while checking my email on AOL, I came across this article on ESL light bulbs. I did some research and found a couple more blogs with a similar theme. It got me to thinking about all the ignorance and stupidity that abounds with the main stream environmental movement. Being as that article involved light bulbs let us start there. Are you aware that the government has decided to ban incandescent light bulbs? Do a search on “Incandescent Light Bulb Ban” and you will find news articles about it. California has already started. In the Audi “Green Police” commercial a man gets arrested for installing an incandescent bulb. If you have not seen it check it out. Is this what we are headed to?

So what is the alternative? CFL’s? That is what everyone has been touting for the last several years. More recently are LED’s which are more expensive. The main problem here is health effects. You see a CFL bulb contains Mercury exposure to which is bad for you. EPA lists some of the health effects on mercury. They also have a complete list about it, with information on exposure and the environment. The Illinois Department of Health considers a spill bigger than the size of a dime as a LARGE spill. They recommend that “Mercury-containing products should be replaced with safer alternatives”. I wonder does that include CFL’s?

There is a lot involved in proper disposal of the bulbs. Mother Nature Network wants you to be a “Super Hero” . They even give you information about an “armor plated”  CFL. They also recommend that if you are not able to recycle the bulb, then you can just hold on to them. At least until your area has proper recycling for them.

Lets get out of Fantasy Land (La La Land for Nitwits) and back to reality. All I ask you is to take about 30 seconds to stop and think about it. For generations people have been just tossing their used light bulbs into the trash. It has become a habit, that most of use do not even think about it. There is a large portion of the population that is uninformed and undereducated, how many of them are aware of the dangers involved? What about the poor stressed out family with a couple of kids? Where will they store them? Will their children just toss out the bulbs? What about the people that just don’t care or are too lazy to bother with it? How many people can you think of or that you know that will just toss them into the trash? What percentage of these bulbs do you think will wind up in the land fill? 40%? 80%?

It makes the ESL and LED bulbs sound like a good idea. Problem is they are both more expensive, with the LED costing the most. How many struggling families can afford to pay out the extra cost. You say it saves money on electric expenses over the long run. Maybe, but you have to have the extra $$ right NOW to do it. Sometimes you have to pay more than you would like, especially when you have to choose between a $30 bulb or $28 in food and a $2 bulb, because that is all you have. How many families can really afford them?

Lead is good for the environment right? Heavy metals are great things to put into the land fills. There is no such thing as heavy metal poisoning, it is not even a health concern. That is what you would have to believe to buy into this next environmental fad. First here is some general information on lead poisoning, then some medical info  as well. The EPA has a page of links about lead. Even the Environmental Defense created an article (PDF) about removing lead from use.

I can remember the early days of the environmental movement. It was still big news and schools were just starting to get involved with it. This was in the early 70’s the first Earth Day was in 1970. Then I remember in grade school there was some big event planned for 1776 America’s Bicentennial. That follows with the oil embargo in the late 70’s and gas prices doubling to one dollar, everyone started looking for alternatives. Here comes the electric car to save the day. What a joke!

You have to realize in those days car batteries were lead acid batteries. Now while they were not exactly just tossed into the garbage, many did wind up in land fills or along the side of the road. Recycling was in it infancy at that time. Also producing them caused lead to seep into the environment, including the land and air. The price of having to buy 20-30 at a time, well you could just buy another car cheaper. But no that was the way to go everybody should do it. They kept pushing this idiotic idea just ignoring the hazards involved.

It seems that environmentalists are dimwitted, idiotic and just plain stupid. None of them appear to think about what they are saying. Until one of them starts to grow a brain I will just ignore them. I make the same challenge and plea to them that they try to make. “Lets get realistic and reasonable things can not continue to go on like this” . They clam to worry about the environment but want to do more damage to it than save it. They clam to be concerned about their health and that of others but could care less about it. Think bottle water, one of my pet peeves.

So in conclusion, to be a good environmentalist you should do the following. Want to dump toxic heavy metals, such as lead and mercury into the environment. Expose peoples lungs to breathing in mercury, when they break a light bulb causing toxic poisoning. Lastly fill land fills with millions and billions of little plastic bottles. Well you can count me out, thank you. I am just a basic guy with a plain practical common sense approach to problems. I will wait for something better to come along. One last link off subject.

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Progressive Loss

The other day I was reading questions on Yahoo Answers. I like to answer the ones on old movies (30’s-70’s). I noticed a lot ask about real “old” movies that came out around 2005 or so. It is not exactly what I would call old. It got me to thinking about changes over time including how peoples perceptions have changed. When I was a teen we would have called it several years ago or a few years back, not ancient history. People seem to have the attention span of a gnat now a days. Anything more than a week old is ancient.

Now with the way my mind works this post is not going in the direction that it may at first appear. It started me to thinking of the many changes that have occurred over time, especially in technology. I remember that in Jr High I had a reel-to-reel tape player. It was cool because you could control the speed, play things backwards also could record things. With a long enough cord you could hide the machine placing the mike behind something to secretly record others.

Around that time I also had a bunch of 8-tracks, along with some cassette tapes. I was not yet into music yet. I did not realize until I was older that 8-tracks came first to be replaced by smaller more compact cassettes. We did have a portable record player, with several speeds plus the ability to play albums backwards if you did it by hand. There were supposedly some albums you could hear messages if played backwards. All of this was simple, easy and relatively cheap technology. With today’s CD’s you can not do any of that. Well maybe on a computer with some sophisticated (read $$$$) software program you might be able to.

Which takes me to radio stations, and digital. I used to have (still do actually) have a multi-band radio, which you tuned with a dial. FM was just becoming popular because it could broadcast stereo. AM offered a lot more stations though. Then came digital tuning, a bit of a loss I feel. Now you tune to 96.1fm or 96.3fm. You can no longer tune to 96.2 or 96.15 etc. With AM 790 jumps to 795 what happened to 791, 792. I remember you could adjust the tuner to get stations from halfway across the country. My brother still does this some times. At night he can get a couple of Oklahoma stations and he lives in Arizona. Great for listening to games. I remember playing with the turner and getting many stations that were interesting. Of course sometimes they would fade in and out, or have a lot of static. But you could still listen to them.

Same with TV, I remember in the late 70’s and early 80’s when cable was starting out. You could tune to the UHF channels and pick some of them up. This was great if there was an R rated movie your parents did no want you to see. Sometimes you could pick up some porn. Some stations had so much snow it was hard to see unless you squint you eyes from across the room. Kind of like those pictures you had to stare at before you could see what it was. Other times there was just a little snow most of the time there was little or no sound.

When the stations changed over to digital I was working with a guy who just bought a converter and had some questions for me. (I am one of the few at work others went to when they had a technical or computer related question) In my area, before I had cable there was one station that I had trouble getting in clear. The static was anywhere from slightly irritating to down right frustrating. My antenna was adjusted to where most of the stations came in clear it was just this one, most of the time it was not too bad.

Well he asked me “I thought that digital was suppose to be better? Why then do some of the stations I used to get do not come in at all?” (He does not have cable, does not want to spend the money besides he does not watch a lot of TV) I had to explain to him that it was (better). It is exact, precise, clear, sharp, and unforgiving. With digital it is all or nothing. No in-between either the picture is perfect or you lose. I told him about pixelation, which he was somewhat familiar with. A digital image has no curves a true circle is impossible, only our eyes are fooled with enough small squares that from a distance gives the illusion of curves.

I talked to him about radio tuners, how they changed, like I mentioned above. The early days of computers and graphics. I remember making pictures with a “Dot matrix printer” he had seen some of those. What does not fit in the exact cubby hole is lost gone forever. I can not help but feel that the same thing happens with music being played back digitally. Analog images gives you exactly what you see, curves and all. There are some problems with both technologies sure, but digital needs to be strong. It is all or nothing, at least with analog it tries harder and gives you what it can, with no loss so to speak.

So in many respects the more we gain with technology, the more we lose. Don’t get me wrong I like my computer, the internet, and the sharp picture my digital HD TV has. I stay pretty much up to date on things. I just cant help but feel that we are losing out a bit as we progress. As for my friend he got a digital antenna with out much luck. Last I heard he was considering basic cable. I never found out what he finally did. He was laid off shortly after this discussion.

Now for those feeble-minded and or youth that thinks CD’s are “old school” I have included links to definitions of the outdated stone-aged technologies, that were once the latest and greatest. Once again check out my store on Zazzle I will have some new items going up soon.

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60’s TV/ Green Hornet


On the 11th of January the SyFy Channel ran all 26 episodes of the Green Hornet TV series in anticipation of the release of the new movie. I DVR’d the entire series not realizing that it was the entire series. I should have checked IMDB sooner. If I had known I would have recorded them all to DVD. I had heard a lot about the series over the years and had thought that it lasted longer than one season. I grew up watching reruns of Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward, but had never seen The Green Hornet. Batman lasted 3 seasons ’66-’68.

While watching back to back episodes I realized just how formulaic (def #4) the show was. Now I wonder if Batman and other old TV shows are just as bad. I don’t remember it being so. I know that Hollywood has a vast lack of imagination. Just look at all the remakes in the last couple of years, “Gone in 60 Seconds”; “The Ladykillers”; “The Italian Job” among many others. It has gotten so bad that they are making movies out of mediocre comic book charters (some good ones were made), old TV shows and even cartoons.

I know that some shows have a bit of formula. Take “I Love Lucy” you could expect her to get into trouble, do something ridiculous then go cry to Ricky in the end. But there was more than just that to them. Even with crime dramas where you have the crime, investigation and capture they are not always that predictable.

Here is “The Green Hornet” in 5 easy steps. 1) the set up 2) I know who did it 3) extortion 4) capture; and finally 5) wrap up. The majority of the episodes followed that plan, there were a couple that varied from it, but not many. After the sixth show though you knew the formula, and it got slightly mountainous. Here are the steps explained.

  1.  The set up – Robbery or murder happens, OH NO! It looks connected (another adventure for the Green Hornet voiced by “the same Bat time same Bat channel” announcer)
  2. I know who did it – Britt has a conference with the DA both figure out who did it
  3. Extortion – Master criminal Green Hornet confronts the criminals attempts to muscle his way in
  4. Capture – Britt knows that they agreed only to set a trap for him fight ensues the police sirens sound quick Green Hornet run away
  5. Wrap up – Britt and DA or his secretary discuss why they did it Mike ace reporter “shucks’ they let the mean nasty vile evil Green Hornet get away.

It’s like those books you buy for children, fill in the blank. You submit their name, nick name, pets & siblings names along with home town and you have a personalized book “written” just for your child. Lets give it a try.

Here we go 1) Miss Rich has her diamond necklace stolen at a party, third theft in 2 weeks 2) The catering company is run by Miss Ruby who lost her jewelery store last year for selling fake diamonds 3) Green Hornet says he will let it slip to the police unless they let him in on the next job he wants a painting 4) plans made for 6 pm on Friday they plant a booby trap for him. He and Kato survive knock out the criminals cue the police sirens, our hero runs off just in the nick of time.5) At the newspaper office Britt and Lenore (his secretary) discuss how Miss Ruby blamed the other women for reporting her to the police causing her to lose the store. Mike runs in “shucks they let the mean nasty vile evil Green Hornet get away, again”. THE END

So what do you think will it sell? The whole thing just struck me I guess, because I saw so many episodes back to back. It just seems to be the most formulaic show I can recall ever watching. I wonder if the movie will follow the same pattern. No I have not seen the movie yet. I will wait for it to come out on DVD or maybe pay-per-view. I have heard a few things about it that makes me want to not spend theater prices to see it.

I grew up watching Batman, and can tell that they both had the same production company. I read about some cross overs so I guess the Hornet was in some Batman shows. When someone was watching TV on the Green Hornet and it was not a news cast (related to the story) it was scenes from Batman. I also know that voice, “Same Bat time, same Bat channel”, that announced the Green Hornet.

Now from all of this you might get the impression that I did not like “The Green Hornet”, you would be wrong. I did like it, even if it was predictable. While I enjoyed “Batman” I believe I would have enjoyed this even more had it be on when I was a kid. The villains did not seem to be as fantastical as the ones Batman dealt with. Just ordinary people, even if they had a laser or a silent gun. I know now that Batman was done “Campy” on purpose. But as kids we liked it.

I think I would have liked it for the same reasons I liked Marvel over DC when I was a teenager. A little bit more realistic less far-fetched. Marvels charters were 3 dimensional instead of 2 dimensional. They had real problems and personal issues to deal with. DC may have changed over the years but at the time as far as I was concerned they could not compete. Lets face it I had the Batman comic where he and Robin faced the “Rainbow Monster” (I can’t believe I found that link, it has the entire story posted) created from waste at a laundry soap factory. (OK so I got the story line wrong, it has been nearly 20 years since I last read it. Still that was my impression of it.) “Holy detergent Batman” I gave it to my nephew to make fun of him, he is a BIG Batman fan.

So in wrapping up I guess I am just looking for something new from Hollywood. Most likely will not happen in my life time. It does make me think if given a chance I could be successful. I know I could not do any worse. Then again maybe I am just too good to be that bad, even with bad spelling and grammar.

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